lundi 8 décembre 2008

Bodeaux on European Patrimony Day

Bordeaux deserves its reputation of “wine capital”. On one of the sides of “Place de la Comédie” one can find an exquisite wine bar, with an amazing menu. If you don’t know much about wine, the waiter will surely know to advice you (the interior of this bar is also very beautiful). The wine comes in big glass, but in small portions. Since is the drinks of goods…First you blend it, then you feel it, then you take a sip, then you wait a moment to feel your mouth’s impression and only afterward you can swallow it (preferably with your eyes closed and a sob at the end).

Luckily we arrived here for the European Patrimony day, so the atmosphere was excellent. Plus, a great number of events were organized all over the city. Our first stop was at the Fine Arts Museum, where we discovered Chaval. He was a French cartoonist, born in Bordeaux. After seeing his work I can tell you that he was very intelligent also.

Other wonderful moments of the day: a classical concert in the yard of the Business School, an organ lesson at the top level of an old church, a photo exhibition in the central park, a nice dinner on the terrace of a coquettish restaurant, a romantic stroll on the bank of Garonne.

I have the feeling that Bordeaux is a “complete/absolute city”, where you can find everything you want: culture, wine, a well paid job, parks and a quality night life. Maybe we’ll move here someday…

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