lundi 8 décembre 2008

Halloween in Ageeen!

Speaking about remote and unknown towns, here’s another one: Agen. Not very far from Bordeaux ( I have a personal interest to visit all the town on the way from Arles to Bordeaux…) Agen is the kind of town that doesn’t impress you at first sight. And since I haven’t heard anything about it before visiting it, I did my homework and I asked around. This is how I knew they have very good plums when I got there.

Still you have to resist temptation and not to try too many types, because the stomach doesn’t really tolerate them….

We didn’t have much to visit during the day, but during the night we discovered the secret life of young people from Agen. It is true that I’m talking about the Halloween night, one of the main reasons for a great number of people to go out in disguise and party. In the center of Agen there are two…let’s say discos…where you can have a drink and eventually dance. The best part is that food and drinks are really cheep, so you can afford to party as much as you want.

The following day, if you manage to get up, you can discover some wonderful villages in the surroundings. Main tip: go visit Larressingle, nicknamed “la Carcassonne du Gers”.

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